Ludwig Leopold playlist for 03/10/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Joey BaronColorsSeptember 2011 interview
Joey Baronuntitled11-11-95 Bremen, Germany
Joey BaronMiniatureSeptember 2011 interview
MiniatureThe PlankSeptember 1988
MiniatureAspetta10-6-88 Munich, Germany
Joey BaronBaron DownSeptember 2011 interview
Joey Baron's Baron DownPeckerwoodRaised Pleasure Dot
Joey Baron's Baron Down11:58Crackshot
Joey Baron's Baron DownPuntCrackshot
Joey Baron's Baron DownPulseRaised Pleasure Dot
Joey Baron's Baron DownD.B.Crackshot
Joey BaronDown Home BandSeptember 2011 interview
Joey Baron's Down Home BandWhatDown Home
Joey Baron's Down Home BandRelease Me10-15-97 Knitting Factory
Joey Baron's Down Home BandBit Of Water11-18-99 Bimhuis, Amsterdam
Joey Baron TrioBroke Time8-7-99 Oakland, CA Yoshi's
Joey BaronDown Home>Killer JoeySeptember 2011 interview
Joey Baron's Killer JoeyWide Load4-28-01 Basel
Joey BaronNo More RecordingSeptember 2011 interview
Joey Baron & Antonella SalisHands For DanceKeys & Skins
Joey BaronJazz DrummerSeptember 2011 interview
Lee KonitzLennie's PenniesSome New Stuff
Joey BaronScenes-FinaleSeptember 2011 interview
John Abercrombie QuartetRound Trip3-27-07 Trento, Italy

Part Two of The Joey Baron Special, focusing on his own projects this time around.