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Ludwig Leopold playlist for 06/26/2010

The post-solstice slide saunters

Trim Mix Party playlist for 06/25/2010

the best of the underground boom bap hiphop...this week interview with super lover cee and a ghostface vapor radio showcase plus a top 20 underground hiphop countdown

High Technology Radio playlist for 06/24/2010

New music explosion!

Steve K playlist for 06/24/2010

The White Room playlist for 06/23/2010

Birthday celebrants Todd Rundgren, Little Eva, Mick Fleetwood and local musicians Toby Walker, Steve Lieberman The Gangsta Rabbi, Lonesome Dan & Gail Storm!


Everything Is Broken playlist for 06/22/2010

Today is part 4 of the Gusher in the Gulf. Our featured interview is with Jim Knapp, professor
, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the
University of South Carolina. Jim specializes in the areas of structural geology, tectonics, geo-physics and petroleum geology. He was employed as a research geologist and exploration geologist with Shell Oil Co. Dr. Knapp was one of a team of three at Shell in 1989 who conducted a gulf-wide survey of natural oil seepage. http://www.geol.sc.edu/knapp/

We will feature the music of the Zac Brown Band. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zac_Brown_Band

Jim Dexter playlist for 06/22/2010

Jim's Show for Start of Summer

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 06/21/2010

Michael Jackson tribute by Wayne and DJ Belal


Black Light playlist for 06/20/2010

This show featured the gold standard in Electro compilations--THRIVEMIX Presents: Electro 2 Mixed by LA RIOTS
Black Light w/ Small Room DJ and Lil' Hungry will be back Sunday July 4th with brand new music and mixes! Check us out live Friday June 25th at the Tribeca Retail Club Fashion Expo. Visit the Tribeca Retail Club on the web for more information!

Bob Longman Show playlist for 06/20/2010

Local : #12, #13, #15, #19
Requests : #17 (2), #18, #23
Ticket Giveaway: Boyz II Men @ BB King's, 6/27
Pick Of the New : #12, Let Me Explain - Phil Minissale

Down Home Country playlist for 06/20/2010

fill-in : Chris Sorochin

Mrs Chester's Coffeehouse playlist for 06/20/2010

Father's Day as Mrs. Chester saw it. I may have missed a tune or two. as I write my playlists by hand during the show and take them home to input.