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No Apologies playlist for 01/03/2009

2008 Wrap Up
For full Best Of 2008 list go to:

The Melting Pot playlist for 01/03/2009

Kickin' Off 2009!!! Today's Musical Bed: From Miles Davis' "Kinda Blue" - "All Blues"


Clam Radio playlist for 01/01/2009

Some music from 2008 and an interview with Heartworks Int. founders Howard and Linda Beckerman

Free Music Show playlist for 12/31/2008

Live Guests Kim Humphrey & Greg Butler from Free Grass Union and Scott Tweedie

Finn's Revolution playlist for 12/30/2008

FINN lets you know the stuff you oughta have so your friends think you're cool - yes, it's the BEST MUSIC OF 2008 (more or less)! also, a tribute to the late, great ALEX CRANK

trim mix party playlist for 12/30/2008

top 90 of 2008

The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 12/30/2008

year end wrap-up or... how to lose friends and irritate people.

Paul N playlist for 12/29/2008

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 12/29/2008

Post Basketball Edition

Why Anything Radio playlist for 12/28/2008

dj ev fill-in

Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 12/28/2008

Special show from 10 pm - midnight

Tonight's show is a New Year's special, featuring the best Korean releases of 2008. Tune in to hear the usual great mix of music and genres.

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 12/26/2008

All modern religons have some version of the pagan observance of the solstice.

Solstice science: Why winter starts Dec. 21

While snow marks the beginning of winter for many people, the first official day of winter is Sunday, Dec. 21, known as the December solstice.

It's a point in time that marks a transition in our planet's annual trip around the sun.

Cheap Thrills, with Rosanne playlist for 12/25/2008

A Xmas Gift for You