Jazz On The Air playlist for 02/24/2013

Hosted by Mr. Edison

Bob Duffy playlist for 02/23/2013

Hectic Electric playlist for 02/23/2013

Bringing you the freshest, newest and best EDM right to your speakers!!!

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 02/22/2013

Mark Klein's Fri.morning
Blues Warehouse (8-10am)

Whatever Floats Yer Boat playlist for 02/22/2013

Jim Quigley - discussion of Sustainability (
Making Peace with the Planet (book by Barry Commoner)
Small Is Beautiful (book by Fritz Schumacher)
Soft Energy Paths (book by Amori Lovins)
Earth In The Balance (book by Al Gore)

Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 02/22/2013

RIP Kevin Ayers
RIP Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner

Mix Tape playlist for 02/21/2013


Clam Radio playlist for 02/21/2013

Various new and old things. Some of them annoyingly censored for your protection.

Blue Grass Time playlist for 02/20/2013

6-8 PM 2 hours of great new bluegrass and a set of JD Crowe & the New South recorded live at the Red Slipper Lounge, Lexington,KY in Nov. 1974