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Clam Radio playlist for 11/13/2014

John Ford (son of John Ford) is our guest.

The Bayou playlist for 11/13/2014

The Berlin Wall +25, Veteran's Day 2014, Winter comes sliding in early with the white stuff knocking at the door Edition...

Trim Mix Party playlist for 11/13/2014

this week on trim mix we started early at 10pm with a extended version of the tyme machine than a new top 15 and the in rotation segment

Into The Fire with JoJo playlist for 11/12/2014

This show is dedicated to all Our Veterans God Bless You

WUSB Alternatives playlist for 11/12/2014


Blues At Dawn playlist for 11/12/2014


Blue Grass Time playlist for 11/12/2014

2 hours of Bluegrass Music

Everything Is Broken playlist for 11/11/2014

Tuesday, November 11; 1:00PM we will explore many issues ranging from capitalism's globalization to one-party rule (The Corporate Party). we will also go into the belly of the beast and listen to rightwingnuts call for an "American Jihad" against muslims. we will also chat with our Senior Florida Correspondent, Steven Wiehe, on a variety of topics. Join us!

Street FM playlist for 11/11/2014

The Best Thing On A Monday Night/Tuesday Morning....

Wake and Bake playlist for 11/11/2014

Wake & Bake goes to 11 tomorrow, 11/11, when I feature performances of one of the more intriguing songs in the Grateful Dead repertoire.

Jim Dexter playlist for 11/11/2014

Jim's show for Tuesday November 11, 2014

Robot Radio playlist for 11/11/2014

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 11/10/2014

The Echo of Echo of the 80s Marathon!!!

Sunday Street playlist for 11/09/2014

An in-studio visit from Pete Mancini and Chris Smith (of Butchers Blind) was featured on today's program along with several tracks from a forthcoming Thompson "Family" album produced by Teddy Thompson. Black 47 this week ends their twenty-five year run of performances, so we played a couple of songs from their recent album. And we noted the passing this week of Maggie Boyle and the third anniversary of the passing of Terence Martin.

Polka Express playlist for 11/09/2014