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Captain Phil's Planet playlist for 08/03/2017

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
The Barock ProjectThe Longest SighSkyline
Barry GrayAnother Time, Another PlaceSpace 1999 Soundtrack Year One
Clarks Secret IdentityThe UnwantedThe Promise of a Wonderful Future*
BubblemathThe Sensual ConEdit Peptide*
Ephemeral SunDiscordanceLord of Hounds*
Elephants of ScotlandGeographHome away from Home
HederslebenAn EmpireThe Fall of Chronopolis*
SupersisterSpiral StaircaseSuperstarshine
SupersisterFancy NancySuperstarshine
The ChromaticsDance of the PlanetsAstroCapella 2.0*
The ChromaticsThe Sun SongAstroCapella 2.0*
Travis Larson BandShiftShift
Joe NarduliMake it SoJoe Narduli
Ad AstraAwakeningAd Astra
Joe NarduliGlowing GlassJoe Narduli
Joe NarduliProgressionsJoe Narduli
Joe NarduliNY DramaJoe Narduli
Joe NarduliThe Best of One AnotherJoe Narduli
Barnaby BrightSailThis Is Life

Interview with Ad Astra's Joe Narduli talking baout new Ad Astra Music and the bands performance at the upcoming Benefest and last years Prog Day plus Nick Tate, Progday and Recycling! Only on Captain Phil's Planet!