Beginnings playlist for 06/04/2010

War "with new ears"

Trim Mix Party playlist for 06/03/2010

real hiphop boom bap from the underground...this week we showcased 9th wonder on the vapor radio segment new joints were premiered and more

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 06/04/2010

1) JONAS REINHARDT - Wastrel Eyelid
2) SOLVENT - Life-Size Image
3) DUOTEQUE - Kyra
4) AUTOKRATZ - Always More/ The Idiots Are Winning / Can't Stand Without / What You Want What You Got / Last Show
5) CRYSTAL CASTLES – Suffocation / Celestica
6) RIYA - Seems like
7) INSTRAMENTAL - From the Start
8) STRAY - Pushed
9) DAN HABARMAN - Nu Este Roz
10) VACCINE - Ochre
11) ASC- Starkwood
12) THE SIGHT BELOW - Unforetold
13) ECHOSPACE – Firefly / Maglev
14) FLYING LOTUS - and the World Laughs With You (Tom Yorke on vocals)
15) RENE HALL - Prize Mischief Hold
16) GROWING - Short Circuit / Hormone / Massive Dropout / Camera 84
17) KLANGWART - Moloch
18) TOBACCO - Lick the Witch / Mexican Icecream / Creepy Phone Calls / Sweatmother / Motorlicker / New Juices from the Hot Tub Freaks / Nuclear Waste Aerobics
19) FALL - Chino

Clam Radio playlist for 06/02/2010

Some new music from me and various requests and coincidences.

Infinite Audio playlist for 06/02/2010

kewlllllll muzakkkkkkk†

Everything is Broken playlist for 05/31/2010

TODAY WE HAVE A GREAT SHOW LINED UP WITH THE GUSHER IN THE GULF AS OUR MAIN THEME. The featured interview is with GEORGE MAUL, Professor, and Head of the Department of Marine and Environmental Systems, in the College of Engineering at Florida Tech. He has merchant marine service and NOAA tenure. Dr. Maul's current research interests include quantifying the impact of climate and global change on society, establishing operational forecasts of coastal ocean circulation, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. WE WILL DISCUSS the Gulf Loop Current and its relationship to the Gulf Stream. For a detailed presentation on this topic by Dr. Maul, download it at

Our resident scribe, J. David Gray will join us with another segment of our SYNERGY project. david's essay is inspired by the image "secured" - you can view the image at or under "new images"

Today we feature the music of Tim O'Brien.

Wake and Bake playlist for 05/31/2010

Started early (about 4:45 AM)

Jim Dexter playlist for 05/31/2010

Jim Dexter show for June 1, 2010 Back to a weekly show!

Jazz On The Air playlist for 05/30/2010

Hosted by Mr. Edison & Rosanne Hoffmann

J-Ro's Antique Roadshow playlist for 05/30/2010

this week is sort of internet only, thanks to the transmitter going down right before I walked into the studio.

Ludwig Leopold playlist for 05/29/2010

Hosted by Rosanne Hoffmann

Lunchtime playlist for 05/28/2010

Food for your mind.... a buffet of audible delight!

Classic Kinks album side today .... The first side of Give The People What They Want. Next week is my 25th College Reunion, and this album arrived in the fall of my freshman semester 10.15.1981.

How 'bout a simple Chicken Quesedilla recipe? Last nite over at the Village Pub in Pt. Jeff had myself a delicious one. Then Eva (host of Long Island Sound, thurs. 7-8pm) asked me if i could do that recipe over the radio. Sure 'nuff Eva, this Quesedilla won't give you the blues but make you wanna spank yer grandma.... just kidding. It's lip smacking good!!!

Thanks for listening in ... join me next friday 6/4 at 11am for another helping of Lunchtime ... have a safe Memorial Day Weekend.