Jim Dexter playlist for 05/03/2010

Jim's show for May 4 !!

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 05/02/2010

In Da Mood Mondays!! Slow jamz all night long!!

sub.rad playlist for 05/01/2010

Jazz On The Air playlist for 05/01/2010

Chris Phillips filling in for Rosanne

` playlist for 04/30/2010

The Melting Pot playlist for 04/30/2010

First show back in "years!!" :) Russia, Rascals, and great tunes!!

Lunchtime playlist for 04/29/2010

Once in a while you eat something that does not agree. Then what do you do?

Tune in to Lunchtime for settling down.

J-Ro's Antique Roadshow playlist for 04/29/2010

filling in for Skagasm/Oprah's Handbag

The Ari D Show playlist for 04/29/2010

My fill-in for Joe V's "Bustin' Out Blue"

Steve K playlist for 04/28/2010

Welcome back Rosanne.......New Josh Rouse plus usual suspects

The White Room playlist for 04/27/2010

Fillin by Habanero!

Combing through the new music rack looking for some cool, groovy stuff to spin to wake your butt up!

The moon is in scorpio - or so they say. Watch out - the sting is stunning and intoxicating, but deadly!

Various Grooves playlist for 04/27/2010

a variety of tunes from the past to the present with some grooves and beats, some reflection vibes and always excellent music from all the contrubutors to the sounds that are hitting these here airwaves....Enjoy!

morning classical playlist for 04/27/2010

today featuring the piano concerto works of Beethoven- performed by Orchestre de Paris with pianist Lang Lang conducted by Christoph Eschenbach


Everything Is Broken playlist for 04/26/2010

our FEATURED INTERVIEW is with Martha McCoy, executive director of Everyday Democracy. Everyday Democracy has become respected as a national organization that excels in helping local communities build their own capacity to organize largescale, diverse dialogue for problem solving. If you were on board last week, you heard a bit about Martha McCoy in our interview with Frances Lappe. Martha's full bio:

J. David Gray will join us for another segment of our SYNERGY project. he will read his essay inspired by the image "still cool" - be sure to view the image at or (pull down the "new images" gallery). David's other writings can be found at

We will feature Canadian recording artists, the Cowboy Junkies.