The Melting Pot playlist for 09/11/2010

Tribute to Those Who Lost Their Lives From This Despicable Act of Cowardly Terrorism!!

Whatever Floats Yer Boat playlist for 09/10/2010

Fall Harvest & Seafood Festival - 9/11-12 11am-5pm, Captree State Park

Beach Cleanups for 9/18 (for other dates see
Camp Hero 631-668-5000
Hither Hills 631-668-2554
Montauk Point 631-668-5000
Wiildwood 631-929-4314

Great South Bay Society beach clean up 9/25.

Lunchtime playlist for 09/10/2010

Come on in and enjoy this edition of Lunchtime featuring a huge a birthday helping of Sonny Rollins.

Happy Eightieth Birthday, Sonny!

Trim Mix Party playlist for 09/10/2010

extended version of trim mix fillin in for nst than the official trim mix

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 09/10/2010

1) THE THREE LIONS - You'll Win Again
2) MATHEW DEAR - I Can't Feel
3) BEAR IN HEAVEN - Casual Goodbye / Beast In Peace / Wholehearted Mess
5) WALLS - Hang Four
6) LOOSE SHUS - Sky Motel
7) MAXIME DANGLES - Dysnoptik
9) JURGEN PAAPE - Mensch und Maschine
11) THOMAS FEHLMANN - Wasser Im Fluss
12) MICHAEL MAYER - Picanha Frenesi
13) JONAS BERING - For Yves
14) COMA - Bruxelles
15) JATOMA - Helix
16) LODEN - Rubber Floors Give More Bounce / Sunday Sierra Boxes / Hordeloop / Twerk / Alice Go Go Go
17) DERU - Basically
18) SOG - Silbereisen
19) ROBAG WRUHME - Rollmoff
21) GLITCH MOB - Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul

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Clam Radio playlist for 09/09/2010

Marci Geller and Cathy Kreger are my guests

Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/07/2010

TODAY we will try to understand more where the conservatives are coming from; this time from the point of view of the young turks. A recent college grad, activist and community organizer STEPHEN LYON will join us. Steve graduated recently from Eastern Connecticut State University and organized student conservative groups there and in Buffalo.

OUR RESIDENT STORYTELLER, Margaret Meyers will join us after her long sabbatical from Everything is Broken – she has been busy with her move from Kansas to the Twin Cities area. Margaret’s website is at

FOR MUSIC, jazz from the BILL CHARLAP TRIO - interpretations of the songs of Leonard Bernstein.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 09/07/2010

soul glo fill in

Wake and Bake playlist for 09/07/2010

Bradstock Recap show. I've pulled some of the performances from Sunday's Bradstock festival that stuck out in my mind, and replaying them this morning.

Jim Dexter playlist for 09/07/2010

Jim's Show for Tuesday September 7, 2010

trim mix party playlist for 09/06/2010

fillin in for workhorse real morning show underground hiphop and true school