Lunchtime playlist for 03/18/2011

New time the next few weeks ... 10am to it: BRUNCHTIME

Celebrating Women's History Month with a dedicated to the Ladies menu...The Fellas honoring their Gals & Great Female Artists.

Mary Lou Williams was the first Lady to receive equal treatment on the bandstand with the boys. For that triumph we feature a heaping portion of Mary Lou illustrating her unparalleled piano virtuosity. Beyond the muysic Mary Lou was one of American Music's greatest patrons; she is solely responsible for the Jazz Music Program at Duke University as well as many many other tremendous humanitarian efforts.

New time, just like daylight savings (except we rolled the clock back for springtime, not spring ahead) 10am to NOON NEXT WEEK, support WUSB this Radiothon and always XXXOOO

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 03/18/2011

Downwards Dawgz

Cheap Thrills, with Rosanne playlist for 03/17/2011

6-7: Mr. Edison (and a touch of the Irish)
7-9: Rosanne Hoffmann

High Technology Radio playlist for 03/17/2011

...and love I send to you my friend but never tell you so, but I think you know...

Steve K playlist for 03/17/2011

Ladies glorifying the show again to continue with Women's History Month tied in with RT and St.Patty's Day....

Blue Grass Time playlist for 03/16/2011

6-8 PM Radiothon begins!
Interview with banjo composer Ben Freed- 3 of Ben's CD's for a $50 pledge


The Outer Library playlist for 03/16/2011

Mike Gildersleeve is your host on Wednesday Night from 10pm to 12 Midnight. New Indie and Self Release music from the Brooklyn and Manhattan area.

Mix Tape playlist for 03/16/2011

st patrick's day. but it has nothing to do with the music

Swedish Salmon Paste playlist for 03/16/2011

3 AM treat of the week is Rebecca Black's Friday.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 03/15/2011

Today we will lift up the rocks and examine the underbelly of the causes of the Great Recession, the greed grab of the banksters and Wall Street. AND WHY NONE OF THEM ARE IN JAIL!! Our featured guest is John Alan “Jack” James, professor at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business and an expert on corporate governance and regulatory issues.

Our pal Steve Wiehe will have some commentary on world events so dont miss that.

We are featuring some excellent jazz from The Bill Charlap Trio.

Wake and Bake playlist for 03/15/2011

Tribute to Owsley "Bear" Stanley, Grateful Dead Sound Engineer and Pharmacologist, who died this past weekend in a car accident. Playing the album "Bear's Choice" in his memory.
Happy Birthday to Phil Lesh, who turns 71 today

The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 03/15/2011

nothing more but shout!