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Steve K playlist for 07/22/2010

Santana extravaganza


Finn's Revolution playlist for 07/20/2010

Tonight FINN will be educating Stony Brook Film Festival Director ALAN INKLES about movies (as if!) and we'll be giving away passes to the fest! check it: http://www.stonybrookfilmfestival.com Also, contributing listener and all-around lucky guest DJ BRIAN O'HAIRE will spin a few while we solve the world's problems. Shouldn't take long...

Black Light playlist for 07/19/2010

*Tracks 1-9: Small Room DJ's Warm Up Set
**Tracks 10-24: DJ Lil' Hungry's "Steal the Show" Set
***Tracks 25-40: Small Room DJ's "Mixed Inspiration" Set

DJ Lil' Hungry did indeed steal the show that night! Check out hours two and three of Black Light for Sunday 7/18/10:

Hour Two: DJ Lil' Hungry's "Steal The Show" Set
Hour Three: Small Room DJ's "Mixed Inspiration" Set

Sunday Street playlist for 07/18/2010

Charlie Backfish, host

Bob Longman Show playlist for 07/18/2010

Riverhead Blues Festival edition

sub.rad playlist for 07/18/2010

Paul Newland filling in

The Melting Pot playlist for 07/17/2010

Joe Vecchio filling-in

Beginnings playlist for 07/17/2010

Midnight Special "with new ears"

J-Ro's Antique Roadshow playlist for 07/17/2010

filling in some gaps during siren festival 6-7pm