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Mental Out Playlists

Mental Out playlist for 04/09/2024

As always, we will talk, express, and make sure all types of musics from different cultures are represented on our show. We may also talk bout miscellaneous topics.

Mental Out playlist for 03/26/2024

Once again, we play music from various backgrounds and cultures to be represented. We may talk about Miscellaneous topics.

Mental Out playlist for 02/27/2024

On today's episode, we will be talking or maybe not...? Either way, will still have music that represents most cultures and ways of human life.

Mental Out playlist for 02/13/2024

As always, we will be playing music from all around the world, representing all groups and peoples. We ma also have many different areas of talk. Although today, we will mostly focus on love and love songs.

Mental Out playlist for 01/30/2024

As always, we still have music and songs from all over the world and may still talk about miscellaneous topics.

Mental Out playlist for 01/16/2024

Sasha fill in

Mental Out playlist for 12/19/2023

On this particular show before winter break, we will still talk about miscellaneous stuff, however it will be done solo. Happy Winter Break Everyone!

Mental Out playlist for 12/05/2023

On this radio show, we have many types of musics and songs from different parts of the world and may talk about certain miscellaneous topics. [May We see Each other in two weeks?]

Mental Out playlist for 11/07/2023

On this show, we touch upon many types of music from around the world and talk about miscellaneous topics.

Mental Out playlist for 10/24/2023

A radio show in which music from various cultures are played and expressed. Tonight we will be discussing some scary stories that have come into mind.

Mental Out playlist for 10/10/2023

Music from different cultures are played and expressed. There will also be miscellaneous topics that will be discussed as well.

Mental Out playlist for 09/26/2023

WE like to play various different songs from different cultures, which will be expressed or discussed. Also there may be miscellaneous topics of discussion, perhaps even ghosts....?
[sorry for the late arrival]

Mental Out playlist for 09/12/2023

Various songs and artists from different cultures and time periods. Stories of the paranormal may be discussed as well as other miscellaneous topics, during "La Hora Loca."

Mental Out playlist for 08/29/2023

Various songs from different cultures are featured from 9pm-12am.