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Sunrise Angels playlist for 06/08/2024

playlist here:

Sunrise Angels playlist for 05/11/2024

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Sunrise Angels playlist for 04/13/2024


Sunrise Angels playlist for 03/15/2024

fill in by dj nex / nicole

Sunrise Angels playlist for 03/02/2024

New and upcoming music from Leaving Records, Jungle Gym Records, Not Not Fun, and more!

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Sunrise Angels playlist for 02/17/2024

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Sunrise Angels playlist for 01/20/2024

Rest In Light, Iasos

+ Home Normal Showcase

Sunrise Angels playlist for 01/06/2024

the gardens at night
full radiant moon lights
walking paths through flowers

tired. rest. lay down to the deep conversation
of the night-birds song
and water flowing, lightly streaming

lull to sleep - consciousness drifts, shifts

a new world
vibrant blue
the sun rises
bright white birds flying over the water
She is there
laying upon the sands of time
on the beach of consciousness

the clouds cover the sun
swirling, menacing
wind whistles into howls
water awakens

What does she look like?
I can hardly tell - she's being torn apart
But I can hear
as her last grain flies away

all is lost
to the eddies in the water

Sunrise Angels playlist for 12/23/2023

8am - 9am: Christmas Eve Eve Special

Sunrise Angels playlist for 12/09/2023

Cole Covering

Sunrise Angels playlist for 11/11/2023

Blues Marathon edition!

BareFuzz @ the Industry in Huntington:

Sunrise Angels playlist for 10/28/2023

Special exclusive premiere of Daidara bou by Norio, Japanese documentarian and musician.

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Sunrise Angels playlist for 10/14/2023

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Sunrise Angels playlist for 09/16/2023

New and upcoming releases from Longform Editions, Leaving Records, Not Not Fun, Inner Islands, La Sape, Cityman Productions

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Sunrise Angels playlist for 09/02/2023

I beheld a great wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with the Sun, with the Moon at her feet.
And on her head was a diadem of the twelve stars.
Hear me, O Lady Isis, hear and save.
O thou queen of love and mercy, thou crowned with the throne, thou hauled as with the Moon.
Thou whose countenance is mild and glowing, even as grass refreshed by rain.
Hear me, our Lady Isis, hear and save.
O thou who art in matter manifest.
Thou bride and queen as thou art mother and daughter of the Slain One.
O thou who art the Lady of the Earth.
Hear me, O Lady Isis, hear and save.
O thou Lady of the amber skin.
Lady of love and of victory, bright gate of glory through the darkening skies.
O crowned with the Light and life and love.
Hear me, our Lady, hear and save by thy sacred flower, the Lotus of eternal life and beauty; by thy love and mercy; by thy wrath and vengeance; by my desire toward thee, by all the magical names of old hear me, O Lady, hear and save.

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