Sunrise Angels Playlists

Sunrise Angels playlist for 01/21/2023

Country Ambient

Sunrise Angels playlist for 01/07/2023

Ambient, Meditation, Jazz Fusion, New Age, Progressive Electronic, Space Music

Sunrise Angels playlist for 09/24/2022

Fill in for The Last DJ

Sunrise Angels playlist for 07/26/2022

Fun Fact: The Orb's "Little Fluffy Clouds" samples Electric Counterpoint III!

Sunrise Angels playlist for 07/05/2022


Solarpunk is a dream, is a speculation, a science fiction - yet, it's a possible future. It's not retrofuturism, but instead a vision of how can we get there, to a better world. It is in our power to change the way we live, to think different, to abolish any kind of domination between ourselves and above nature. We have all the means to build a new kind of society: compassionate, ecological, inclusive for all cultures and identities, decentralized and free of political manipulation. Hi-tech may and should co-exist with the biosphere and we have the most powerful source of energy for that - our Sun. Let it shine our way as we look into the future!