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The Invisible Show playlist for 03/04/2018

On Chapter 3 of the Invisible Show Saga, things get a little crazy! The Invisible Man is joined by friends who are dedicated to destroying all semblance of coherence in his music choices! How exciting!

Featuring a nice chat with DJ *clap* otherwise known as "Daysi" about everything from cats to concerts...

The Invisible Show playlist for 02/18/2018

Welcome back to The Invisible Show, featuring the DJ you've never heard of, The Invisible Man! Tonight we're turning up the edge...

If you're on the road, or have trouble sleeping, or work night shifts... whatever the reason, stay with us.

The Invisible Show playlist for 02/04/2018

Welcome ladies and gents and everything in between or outside, this is the debut of the Invisible Show! Coming at you live with jamz that may or may not represent any cohesive musicality whatsoever.