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Destinies Celebrates its 41st Anniversary

From Howard Margolin:

This week, Destinies celebrates its 41st anniversary with a one-hour special.

Tune in Friday night, for a look back at the past year of the show, with a blend of the best material of the past year, as well as all-new features.

You'll hear encore readings by authors Patrick Thomas and J. H. Nadler; never-before-aired music from Angelo Panetta, Insensate Machine, and Marco Beltrami; the reasons why the Blue Beetle movie epitomized "Super-hero Fatigue," plus host Howard Margolin's duet with actress Sophie Aldred, and composer Mason Williams and harpist Deborah Henson-Conant teaming up for the annual variation on "Classical Gas."

Christina M. Rau reads her Wonder Woman-inspired poem "Hubris." Patrick Thomas' "Dear Cthulhu" answers a letter from a man who has a strange definition of the word "bibliophile."

And, learn how you can receive your choice of 325 different Destinies exclusive premiums for your pledge of support during this Spring Radiothon special.

Friday, April 26th, at 11:30 PM.

Legendary Photographer James Hamilton & UNCROPPED’s D.W. Young Up Next on SOUNDS OF FILM

Legendary Photographer James Hamilton & UNCROPPED’s D.W. Young Up Next on Tom Needham’s SOUNDS OF FILM

UNCROPPED rediscovers the work of New York photographer James Hamilton, one of the great chroniclers of the cultural history of America. Directed by D.W. Young (The Booksellers) and executive produced by Wes Anderson, the film will open on Friday, April 26 at Manhattan's IFC Center, Sag Harbor's Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center (along with the photo exhibit through May, James Hamilton: On Film) and LA's Laemmle Royal. Digital platforms will begin on May 7.


This program airs April 25, 6-8 PM.

Destinies Remembers Louis Gossett, Jr.

From Howard Margolin:

This week, Destinies honors the memory of the late actor Louis Gossett, Jr. with an exclusive live show.

Tune in Friday night, as Dave Campfield, director of the upcoming horror film Awaken the Reaper is joined by the movie's co-producer Bob Brennan, to remember the Oscar-winner, whose last on-camera performance will be seen in the role of Dr. Benjamin Locke.

How did Bob first meet Louis? Was the part of Dr. Locke written specifically for Gossett? What was involved in filming his scenes for the movie? What was it about the script that made the veteran of 67 years in film and television interested in the part? And, when will the film be released?

Find out on Friday, April 19th, at 11:30 PM, when host Howard Margolin, along with Dave Campfield and Bob Brennan discuss the last on-screen work of Louis Gossett, Jr. during this Spring Radiothon Special edition of Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction.


Composer/Guitarist Byeong Woo Lee Up Next on Tom Needham’s THE SOUNDS OF FILM

Byeong Woo Lee will be talking about his upcoming Town Hall Concert. The Town Hall is featuring the New York debut of Byeong Woo Lee in a specially curated musical "double feature” on Saturday, April 20th at 7pm. The program will feature the first New York City concert by the innovative Korean guitarist and composer, followed by a full-length score of Bong Joon Ho's 2009 film, “Mother,” one of a series of memorable scores Lee created for the director. For both presentations, Lee will be joined by an orchestra assembled from members of The Harlem Chamber Players, conducted by Pulitzer Prize-winning artist Tania León.


Airs Thursday, April 18, 6-8 PM

Destinies speaks with Perseverance Records producer Robin Esterhammer

From Howard Margolin:

This week, Destinies welcomes back Robin Esterhammer, producer of Perseverance Records, for his eighth live interview.

Tune in Friday night, at 11:15 PM, as the head of one of the few independent record labels specializing in the release of rare film soundtracks makes his return to discuss and introduces selections from his company's latest release, "Who Wants to Live Forever? Forsaken Themes From Fantastic Films Volume 2."

You'll hear selections from Michael Kamen's classic score for Highlander, Charles Bernstein's unused score for The Serpent and the Rainbow, Phantoms by David Williams, Dragon Soldiers by Edwin Wendler, and Resident Evil by Stony Brook native and Emmy Award winner Marco Beltrami.

Plus, you'll learn about Perseverance's Kickstarter campaign for the funding of a project to re-record some early scores and symphonic works by the late composer James Horner.


Filmmakers Andy Brown and Brian Lindstrom join Tom Needham to discuss their new documentary about Judee Sill.

LOST ANGEL: THE GENIUS OF JUDEE SILL is the never-before-told story of folk-rock icon Judee Sill, who in just two years went from living in a car to appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone.


Airs Thursday, April 11, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 


WUSB Sunday Street Series: Tannahill Weavers

Scotland's renowned Tannahil Weavers are performing at the Long Island Museum on Sunday, April 28, 2024 at 5:00 P.M.

Advance discounted tickets are available through Friday, April 26, 2024 for $25. Tickets at the door, if available, will be $30.

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Melting World Pays Homage to Damo Suzuki on 3/24/24

A message from Ed Roller

Damo Suzuki (1950-2024)

The Melting World this Sunday at 12:00am (Saturday night at midnight) pays homage to the late vocalist best known as a member of the German band Can (1970-73). His improvising style while rooted in psychedelic krautrock expanded to cross genres throughout the years which included Can, Damo Suzuki Network, and The Damo Suzuki Band.

We take a journey into his musical energy from 1970-2019 including his collaboration with Denmark’s Oresund Space Collective in The Cosmic Hour.