The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 02/15/2011

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
ZanteesRockin' In The House7"Little Ricky
Chris EvansRock-A-Bola JukeboxOriginal RockabillyBig Beat
Gibson BrosTongue Tied Jill...Build A Raft*Columbus Discount
Jake CalypsoMy Baby RocksGranddaddy's Grease*Chicken
TwinklesBad Motorcycle7"Joyce
Mr. Bonz One Man BandJust RockingWreck On The Highway*Bamboo
MachinesEvening Radio7"*Wax/1977
Tennessee BoysGood Looking BabyDon't Say GoodbyeEl Toro
PanicFollo The Trend13*Universe/Sing Sing
GamesDon't Look For Her7"*Rob's House
Ramma LammaKiss You7"*Certified PR
Wise GuysLet Me Be With You BabyDon't Touch My Greasy Hair*El Toro
Mike Fern & the Del RoyalsBrake Jake7"Demo'sPinball PartyCan't Help ItRockville
FadersIn It For The KicksRip Off Records*Sing Sing
Lee Van CleefCierto Aseo En Las Vegas7"*Blondes Must Die
Young IdentitiesPositive Thinking (Negative Reaction)7"*Savage Music/540
ZerosSneakin' Out7"Rockville
Happy KidsI Don't Want You No More7"*Trash
Les TerriblesHey Toru!7"*Hillsdale
FilthNothing For Me7"*Plurex/1977
Berlin BratsTropically HotBelieve It Or Rot*Ratchet Blade
Just UrbainBurning7"*Savage Music/540
NugsI Can Smell The Bullshitdemo*no label
Day CreeperProblems At Hand7"*Tic Tac Totally
Teenage TricksTeenage Tricks7"*Bowery/No Front Teeth
NarcsYou're A Slug/I See Blood7"*Reel Time
MantlesRaspberry Things7"*SDZ
Women In PrisonSuicidal Exitdemo*no label
Estrogen HighsThe Mild DelusionCycles*Safety Meeting
Les OlivensteinsFier De Ne Rien Faires/t*Born Bad
Black Mamba BeatD.I And Diesplit w/Wake Up DeadKind Turkey
Proto IdiotThe Mess I'm InStill Stupid*Red Lounge
OBN III'sNo Way To Rock And Roll7"*Super Secret
Daniel James GangNothing I Can Do7"*Lost Cat
Disco LepersI'm A Heart Attack7"*Slab-O-Wax
GearsHigh School GirlsRockin' At Ground ZeroPlaygems
Derek Lyn PlasticNegative Feelings7"NMG
UV RaceSpeed Freak7"*Sweet Rot
Peach Kelli PunkDo The Eggrolls/t*Capitalicide
WoodiesRed RockFive Years From Now
Los ShakersEverybody ShakePor FavorBig Beat
Los ShainsShains A Go GoEl Ritmo De Los ShainsElectro Harmonix
ChiefsKnocked Out7"Playgems
Midnight SnaxxxCan't Win Your Heartdemo*no label
Ed Nasty & the DopedsYou Sucker7"*Sexo/Last Laugh
Moralens VaktareLivet E Skitdemo*no label
Charlie & the SkunksOoo La La La La7"*Eradicator
Manic AttractsSuicide SummerEyes Wide Shut*Dead Beat
Unnatural HelpersStraying But In Circles7"*Lemon Session
GaggersDon't Care About You7"*Bowery/No Front Teeth
German MeaslesIt's Me BabeA German Joke Is No Laughing Matter*Krazy Punx
Wax MuseumsStop... Don't Stop7"Hozac
Sharp ObjectsAnother Victim7"*Modern Action
OrphansFamosEverybody Loves You When You're DeadUnity Squad
Trent Fox & the TenantsOut Of My Mind7"*Kind Turkey
Fortune & Maltese & the Phabulous PallbearersShe's Out A BlowoutKonquer KampusHillsdale
GremiesNo Surfin' On Dorchester Bay7"Modern Method
Bill Cosby & his White Puddin' PopsSweetThe Passion Of The Pops*Krazy Punx
SlugfuckersDeaf DiscoInstant Classic*Insolito
Brain F#Symptom Set7"*Grave Mistake
BlitzzDegeneration7"*EMI/Sing Sing
Garbo's DaughterTwo Faces Have I7"*Surfin' Ki
Don KingsHot Dog7"*Kato
BodysnatchersFrantic7"*Savage Music/540
Psycho SurgeonsHorizontal Action7"Wallaby Beat
Nervous EatersGet Stuffed7"Pennimen
QueersI Don't Wanna Work7"Doheny
TeengenerateKicked Out Of The WeeblosGet ActionCrypt
RocksKick Her Out7"Point Blank
ViolatorsNew York Ripper7"Syringe Songs
MadI Hate Music7"Disgusting

positive thinking... negative reaction!