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Hot Wax Radio Presents: Berger & Frank's BBQ

This Friday, June 21, Ryan & Frank, host of WUSB's Hot Wax radio show, release their new movie, Berger & Frank's BBQ on VHS tape and streaming online!

In the heart of Long Island, a beloved radio station, WUSB 90.1FM, faces a grave threat from a ruthless T.C.P. conglomerate led by The Corporate Pigs and the infamous Stinky Pete. As the community's spirit is at stake, two unlikely heroes - Berger, a skateboarding hamburger and Frank, a clumsy hot dog - set out to save the station and preserve the soul of Long Island's radio. With their friends from the underground music scene, they uncover the truth behind the takeover and plan the most epic fundraising concert ever, "The BBQ." Join Berger and Frank on their wild adventure as they navigate the challenges and fight for the airwaves, proving that even the most unassuming heroes can make a difference.