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The Spin Zone playlist for 09/12/2023

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Stuart Markus |The View From The Side Of The road |The View From The Side Of The Road |
Gathering Time |Turn Turn Turn |Old Friends |
Gathering Time |Carry On |Old Friends |
Gerry McKeveny |Broken Wide Open |Tuesday At Tom's |
Mara Levine |Tree Of Life |Facets Of Folk |
Brian Titus Trio |Ain't Got |3 |*
Brian Titus Trio |Sugar |3 |*
Rick & Jenda Derringer |First Time |Rock The Yacht |*
The Scooches |I Broke The Egg |Lift You Up |*
The Scooches |What's Meant To Last Will Last |Lift You Up |*
Mario Rossi Band |Mario Rossi Band |Smoke Burst |*
Mike Mills |Time Travel |Leather And Rain |*
Chad Rupp & The Sugar Roots |Even Money |The Devil Wont Get You |*
Foghat |Drivin' On |Single |*
Pete Drodge |Spacey And Shakin" |Spacey And Shakin" |
Love In Reverse |Bella Baby |I Am An Illusion |
Project Mercury |If I Was A Child |Light This Candle |*
Time Is Right |Dear Prudence |Ortley Sessions |
Mary Beth Carty |Tow Truck Song |Crossing The Causeway |
Johnny Wheels & The Swamp Donkeys |On The Run |Keep On Pushin' |*
Robinson & Rohe |Off Track |Into The Night |*
Andy & Judy |Henry Louis Aaron |Single |*
Ray Lambiase |Around The Horn |Single |*
Ray Lambiase |The Ballad Of Three Finger Brown |The Ballad Of Three Finger Brown |
Josie Bello |The Sound Of Guitars |Resilience |
Linda Sussman |Movin' Up Neck On Your Guitar |Shake It Loose Today |
Linda Sussman |Shake It Loose Today |Shake It Loose Today |