a million open tabs playlist for 09/06/2023

se so neone
so!yoon!till the sun goes up
se so neonthe wave
off the menuthe wall
the volunteerspinktop
se so neonkidd
se so neongo back
seulgianywhere but home
wave to earthsurf.
japanese breakfast2042
sunset rollercoasterlet there be light again
se so neonjoke!
paramoreyou first
the growlersdull boy
mini mansions, alex turnervertigo
paramorerunning out of time
arctic monkeyssnap out of it
paramorefigure 8
arctic monkeysarabella
junodreamnobody wants you
the last shadow puppetscalm like you
the strokes12:51
arctic monkeysa certain romance
the libertinesnever never
the strokesyou only live once
wallowswish me luck
omar apollouseless
djoend of beginning
the last shadow puppetsthe bourne identity
the strokeslife is simple in the moonlight