The Spin Zone playlist for 05/23/2023

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Michael Jerome Browne |Please Help |Michael Jerome Browne |*
Michael Jerome Browne |Black Dog Blues |Michael Jerome Browne |*
Ryan Curtis |Good Corn Liquor |Ain't Ever Easy |*
Ryan Curtis |Drunk Tank |Ain't Ever Easy |*
Queen Esther |My Grumpy One |Rona |*
Queen Esther |Bohemian Rhapsody |Rona |*
Jess Klein |Never Gonna Break Me |Never Gonna Break Me |*
Lisa Redfern\You Broke My Buddha |*
Pat McDougall |I'm That Guy |In The Key Of Sorry |*
Pat McDougall |Hot Soup And Ice Cream |In The Key Of Sorry |*
Mitch Grainger |Shake It Up |Shake It Up |*
Honey Don'tEIght More Miles |Threadbare |*
Honey Don'tWine Whiskey Beer And Gin |*