Unclassic Rock playlist for 05/13/2023

tracks played include:

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Roll On Down The Highway"
Beach Fossils - "Seconds"
The Beths - "When You Know You Know"
Billy Tibbals - "Foreverland"
The Black Watch - "More Lies from the Government"
Brigid Mae Power - "Counting Down"
Bronco Bullfrog - "Together"
Darker My Love - "Maple Day Getaway"
Fenne Lily - "Pick"
Flasher - "Hands On"
IO Echo - "When the Lillies Die"
Jacuzzi Boys - "Out of the Black"
Juniper - "She Steals Candy"
Laurie Biagini - "Stranger in the Mirror"
The Lemon Twigs - "Ghost Run Free"
Librarians With Hickeys - "Me and My Big Mouth"
Liz Cooper & The Stampede - "Motions (Far Out Version)"
Mikaela Davis - "Promise"
Moreish Idols - "Nocturnal Creatures"
Nick Gilder - "Roxy Roller"
The Nightblooms - "Double Speed"
Photon Band - "I Was Free, I Was Fried"
Pynkie - "Spiral"
Shana Cleveland - "Faces in the Firelight"
Sunfruits - "Believe It All"
Terry, Blair & Anouchka - "Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme"
Triptides - "Broken Lens"
The Turns - "Taken Over"
Umajets - "When I Wake Up"