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Hygge with Joi playlist for 03/06/2023

stevie wonderfor once in my life
junko yagamibay city
nina simonewhy must your love well be so dry?
sharon jones & the dap-kingshow long do i have to wait for you?
ms. lauryn hillex-factor
taeko onuki4:00am
kimiko kasaias
shuggie otissweet thang
gil scott-heronthe revolution will not be televised
ms. lauryn hill, santanato zion (ft. carlos santana)
marvin gayewhat's going on
kingo hamada抱かれに来た女 (woman who came to be embraced)
mariya takeuchiプラスティック・ラヴ (plastic love)
the supremesbaby love
ms. lauryn hillcan't take my eyes off of you
nina simonemy baby just cares for me
gil scott-heronsave the children
masaki kyomotoエピローグにさようなら (epilogue not goodbye)
marvin gayemercy mercy me (the ecology)
tomoko aranひと夏のタペストリー (tapestry)
maiko okamotoファッシネイション (fascination)
ms. lauryn hilleverything is everything
nina simonei wish i knew how it would feel to be free
gil scott-heroni think i'll call it morning
tomoko aranmidnight pretenders
stevie wondersugar
the supremeswhere did our love go
stevie wonderwe can work it out
stevie wonderas

fill in by dj nex!!