Author Howard Bloom & Gary U.S. Bonds Up Next on THE SOUNDS OF FILM


Gary U.S. Bonds had his first smash hit in 1960 with the relentless pounder "New Orleans.”

The follow-up was the now legendary 'party' record, "Quarter to Three," a number one hit with a spirit and energy that would eventually inspire and influence a generation. In fact, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame lists "Quarter to Three" as one of the 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.
Over the next three years, Gary co-wrote and recorded hit after good-time hit; "School is Out," "School is In," "Dear Lady Twist," "Twist, Twist Senora," "Seven Day Weekend" and others. He performed throughout the world, rising to a status so high that on a 1963 tour of Europe, he headlined above a group of relative newcomers... The Beatles.


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