Manuel Göttsching Part 3 on Melting World. Sunday, February 19, 12-3 AM.

Join The Melting World on Saturday night at midnight (12am on Sunday, February 19) for the last of three shows dedicated to the music of Krautrock pioneer and German electronic music innovator Manuel Göttsching (1952-2022).

We will play his most influential composition “E2-E4” in its entirety. Composed on the fly and performed live in one take on all analog synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines and his Gibson SG. Recorded on a two track machine on 12/81 with two chords, synthesizer and guitar sections.

The improvised synth lines are continuously altered with quick changes in filters, envelopes and oscillators. No overdubs, eq or mixing effects, it stayed unreleased until 1984, where it later became the bridge between analog synthesizer music of the 70’s and the techno and house genres that followed. Music from his bands Ash Ra Temple from the 2000 reunion and a track from Ashra recorded in 1997 at KLEM, the Dutch electronic music festival. Ending the program we will feature collaborations from German ambient composer Mathias Grassow in the cosmic hour.