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The Spin Zone playlist for 01/03/2023

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Larry Carlton & Robben Ford |AmenACUnplugged |*
Paul Filipowicz |Old Time Superstition |Pier 43 |*
Randall Kromm |There's A Light On The Corner |Single |*
Jeff Naumann |Just Another Day |Single |*
Linda Marks |A Recipe For Hope |Single |*
Ellen Bukstel |Peaceful Activist |Single |*
Marianne Fleming |Another New Year |Pure And Simple |*
George Potts |Lonelytown |Ends And Odds |*
Josie Bello |The Sound Of Guitars |Resilience |
Mike Nugent & The Blue Moon Band |Everything Catches Up | |Everything Is Gonna Be Ok |*
Linda Sussman |Cocoon |These Walls |
Steve Welner |Sweet Simple Life |Sweet Simple Life |*
Tim Ball |Apple Brewers Reel |Upstate Crossroads |*
Pam Gadd |Bluegrass Survival |Bluegrass Survival |*
Timothy Scott |Screen Door |Single |*
3rd Door |Muscle Car |Raw Raunchy & Real |*
Barbara Blue |Severed |From The Shoals |*
Charlie Parr |HoBo |I Ain't Dead Yet |*
David Haerle |Days In The Sun |Single |*
David Starr |Any Chance Of Going Home |Better Me EP*
Jellyfish |That Is Why |Jellyfish |*
Lone Star Mojo |Victim Of The Blues |Rough Around The Edges |*
Phil Brown |Manic Depression |The Jimi Project |*
Sherie Davis |Dogs Barking |My Heart Returns To Me |*
Noel Paul Stookey |Juice |Just Causes |
Ron Fetner |Down A Gravel Road |Down A Gravel Road |*