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This Week on Destinies

This week, Destinies sets the TARDIS to the afternoon of November 21, 2021, where, at the Long Island Doctor Who convention, author John Peel discusses his work on the Doctor Who spin-off projects featuring UNIT and The Brigadier, in part one of a two-part presentation.

Tune in Friday night, as John Peel makes his long-awaited 10th appearance to talk about how he came to write novels and later audio books about Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and the members of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce.

You'll also learn about the life of a freelance writer, and the demands of publishers.

In addition, John recalls his encounters with various Doctor Who actors, including Jon Levene and Anthony Ainley, at conventions over the years.

Friday, December 9th, at 11:30 PM.
Hosted by Howard Margolin.