Spiney Norman playlist for 09/28/2022

nelson keyswalkin' the dog
webb peirceI'm walking the dog
ray penningtonwho's gonna walk the dog(and put out the cat)?
the exciting avantiswalking bird dog
rufus thomaswalking the dog
Otis Williams & the Charmsain't gonn walk your dog no more
wes dakus and the rebelsdog food
the mighty hannibaljerkin' the dog
Jimmy McQuade and the Unique Echosboog ka do the karate dog
Rufus Thomasthe dog
the underbeatsannie do the dog
sebastian and the house rockersnobody can do the dog like I do
the specialsdo the dog
Junior and the classicsthe dog
rufus thomascan your monkey do the dog
dall raney and the umbrellascan your hossie do the dog
crampscan your pussy do the dog
revelseverybody can do the new dog but me
the clungelsdo the dog
sugar and the spicesdo the dog
Georgie Fame & His Blue Flamesdo the dog
the argonsdo the dog
the larksthe philly dog
the olympicsbaby, do the philly dog
The Manhattansteach me the philly dog
the magnificent mendoin' the philly dog
jimmie rayephilly dog around the world
ditaliansphilly dog new breed
Lou Lawtondoing the philly dog
Hank Marrphilly dog 67
oliver morganhold your dog
Jack Harris and the arabiansdog wild
duke turnerdoggie dog world
pete and repeatgirl you had a thing goin'
the five slepndorsyour dog hate me