On Air

Unclassic Rock playlist for 07/23/2022

tracks played include:

Animal Ghosts - "Stellar"
Ash - "Petrol (John Peel Session, 1994)"
Beabadoobee - "Beatopia Cultsong"
Bonnie St. Claire And Unit Gloria - "Catch Me Driver"
David Werner - "Whizz Kid"
The Doobie Brothers - "Rockin' Down The Highway"
The Dream Syndicate - "Straight Lines"
Gymnasium - "Coast to Coast Companion"
Hater - "Hopes High"
Hurry Up - "Fire In The Western World"
La Luz - "Watching Cartoons"
The Laurels - "Borrowed Time"
Letting Up Despite Great Faults - "Tumble" / "New Ground"
Maple Mars - "Borrowed Sunshine"
Moses Gunn Collective - "Midnight Parlour"
The Orchids - "From This Day"
Pi Ja Ma - "Pixies, Sylphs and Fairies"
Prairie Clamor - "Beautiful Blue Skies and Golden Sunshine"
Pye Corner Audio and Andy Bell - "Warmth Of The Sun"
Rogers & Butler - "A Brand New Tomorrow"
Shadowgraphs - "So Close"
Suave Punk - "Dust Bunny"
Superorganism - "World Wide Pop" / "Into The Sun"
Suzi Wu - "Highway"
The Telephones - "Arrow"
Why Bonnie - "90 In November"