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Spiney Norman playlist for 03/29/2022

Noble Wattshard times(the Slop)
little joe and the thrillerslet's do the slop
shirellesslop time
chet poison iveyslop
thunderbirdsthe birth of the slop
Shorty Rogers and His Giantss-l-o-p
gisha brothersthe slop teacher
seras werbplatteder servas slop
the teen beatsthe slop beat
die bambiscolumbus slop
udo jurgensslop in bukarest
zz and de maskersslopin' in las vegas
Jimmy McCracklingeorgia slop
the hurricane stringsslop in st louis
paul and the four mostchinese slop
maureen grayslop time
Baby Earl & The Trinidadsback slop
gabe dean with the moon menslop and stroll julie
the jiving juniors with the caribsslop n mash
jake gale and the medicine mensloppy madison
spartaco saxmadison slop
caterina valente, silvio francescoahoi slop
gisha brothersslop showee-doo
tony sheriden and the beat brothresveedeboom slop slop
johnny lionshubidubi doe slop
taifunsappelwoi slop
Buddy Guyslop around
die crazy girlsno words slop
jack hammerstop slop
lill lindfordsdon't stop the slop
ervin ruckerdone done the slop
the eaglesdone done the slop
thurston harris the thirdslip slop
supertonesslippin' and sloppin'
bruce morrowslop around the clock
The Batsshake shake slop slop
teddy bachnerslop baby slop
Louis Jordanthe slop