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Spiney Norman playlist for 02/02/2022

billy costelloI'm popeye the sailor man
Eddie Bopopeye
the hong kongspopeye
claude delesseppopcorn popeye
the cliffs of rhythm bandthe boogoloo popeye
Lonnie Brooksthe pop eye
Scotty McKayolive learned to popeye
ray stevenspopeye and olive oil
the seniorssearching for olive oil
sonny richards's panicsskinnie minnie olive oil
non suchpopeye on the shore
Granville Williams Orchestrapopeye
spinach powerpopeye the sailorman
jimmy romapopeye
wyle dixon and the wheelssweet pea
bob and earlsweet pea
dartellssweet pea
Manfred Mansweet pea
Friar Tuck & His Psychedelic Guitarssweet pea
chicharos dulcessweet pea
tommy dorseyyou've got to eat your spinach baby
SUGAR CHILE ROBINSONi'll eat my spinach
Julia Leespinach song
boston tea partyspinach
FRANKIE DAVIDSONyabba dabba doo
owe thornquistwilma
hully gully boysyabba dabba doo
alan reedloyal order of dinosaurs
swinging jaguarswilma
andy and the classicswilma
dirch passerwilma
the dickiesbowling with bedrock barney
arne bendiksenya ba daba doo
Piltdown Mangoodnight mrs flintstone
alan reedpebbles lullabye
jayne and audrey meadowsdear ralph
leslie butlertop cat
marvin rainwatertough top cat
jimmy jenson the swingin' swedetough top cat