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Spiney Norman playlist for 01/19/2022

billy costelloblow the man down
nomadspopeye the sailor man
Don Covaythe popeye waddle
lamont anthonypopeye
little ceasar and the romanspopeye one more time
chris kennerSomething You Got
tabby thomaspopeye train
link wraypoppin' popeye
Chubby Checkerpopeye the hitchicker
Eddie Bocheck Mr. Popeye
gayladspopeye the sailor man
Ernie K Doepopeye joe
BB Kingmashing the popeye
enchantmentspopeye the dance to do
steve douglas and the rebel rouserspopeye the twisting man
earl forestbeale street popeye
sherryspop pop popeye
wardell and the sultansthe original popeye
the robbinsdoing the popeye
the del knightseverybody popeye
shelton dunaway and the cupcakesmary lou doing the popeye
don julian and the meadowlarkspopeye with a touch of the twist
joe tex and the vibratorspopeye johnny
tornadospopeye twist
Zacherleypopeye the grave digger
los clipperspopeye
the buttonspopeye does the mashed potatoes
hollywood playboystoo pooped to popeye
sammy bryant grouppopeye dance
the fendermenpopeye
joy venderspopeeye line
billy costellobarnacle bill the sailor
jerry mcain and his harmonicaturn the lights on popeye
the rocking boyspopeye
the cliffs of rhytms bandboogoloo popeye