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Natural Alternatives - Friday, December 17

Explore Empathetic Parenting for Today and Tomorrow with professional educator and psychologist John Scardina and his guest Karen Iacobucci, Associate Head of School at West Chester Friends School

How can children become kind, compassionate and ready to change the world some day?

For a parenting confidence boost in these difficult times during the pandemic and culture divide, listen in on Friday night as Natural Alternative’s new host, John Scardina, discusses how to practice empathetic and connected parenting. Going from telling kids what they think or feel (“eat something” but “I’m not hungry” or “put your coat on” but “I’m not cold”) to deeply connecting with and including children in the necessary tasks of making the family work, helping neighbors and those in need, and raising little ones to make a difference in this world, join in for this inspiring discussion. John and Karen discuss real world examples of school and professional study programs to raise awareness of better listening techniques and ways to think about privilege and pronouns. Learn about Traci Brazley's book Social Justice Parenting.

Parenting can seem overwhelming, especially now, so listen in to get some good tips on how to approach challenges you face on a daily basis. Become good parenting agitators and co-conspirators along with John and Karen!