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sub.rad playlist for 05/22/2010

wicked deceptionbetrayed*
leg to decaythis is march 3*
bitterduskla remininiscencia del fuego*
hellcoredendam membara*
trignoratomb of souls*
fermented fetusslice of rotten torso*
goremongertoremonger f/ slaughterfarm gangbang*
inhabitmaggots and scabs*
consume the fetusregurgitation of mutilated infants*
severe metastasiscannibalism of starving humans*
skinny puppysmothered hope(request)
johnny thunder & the heartbreakersone track mind(request)
trailerpark inceststupid death crush*
soul arewake up!!!*
duskburnsoldering the seven streams*
vaginal cadaveri will rape you for your pleasure*
impactdestroyer of the good*
no one gets out aliveabortive investigation*
raped by pigsthe torture room*
a split psyche99+ noise trax*
god pussysem titulo pt.2*
dopamine larvaeaquino/kasso/constanzo*
vulgar diseaseexpress transsexual*
valdrikkSilencio En Sobredosis*
silence in first degreeflyingbackwards*
funeral memoriesEl Abismo de los Inconscientes (Elipse Ciega)*
sarghumalncoxisLa Caravana Negra*