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WUSB's Sunday Street Series at The Long Island Museum: Songs of Hope, Renewal and Remembrance


It will be shown on the Long Island Museum's Facebook page on Sunday, March 28th at 7 P.M. (on the day of the webcast, we'll post a YouTube link on that page)

While it will still be a long time before we can present live shows in WUSB's Sunday Street Series at The Long Island Museum, that won't stop us from presenting an occasional webcast.

We presented the well-received 'Songs of Wintertide" in December and last month we shared a live stream concert with Joe Jencks and Rod MacDonald.

With spring approaching (yes!!!!) we're planning the following webcast and we're asking you to join us. (link will be available on the day of the broadcast)

The performers include;

James Maddock, Mary Gauthier, TEOA (The End of America), Ellis Paul, The Kennedys, Sloan Wainwright, Toby Walker, Pat Wictor, Abbie Gardner, Sam Baker, and Gerry McKeveny (of Gathering Time) will be joined by Jim Moray (from England), James Keelaghan (from Canada) and Paul McKenna (from Scotland)

Most of these artists have played The Sunday Street Series at The Long Island Museum in past years.

There's no charge but contributions to participating artists will be accepted with gratitude.