On Air

The Invisible Show playlist for 12/06/2020

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
pixelophoniaschala's theme / corridors of time
michiru oshimalight of the town
muta-saxthe place i'll return to someday
윤상 yoon sang너에게 to you
boris / merzbowboris2R0I2P0*
away from you*
comalove & evol
abul mogardandroid manouvres
silver mt. zionfor wanda
silver mt. zionc'mon come on ( loose an endless longing )
diivblue boredom
sonic youthexpressway to yr. skull
gregory & the hawkwild west
the young tyrantsshe don't got the right
the hangmenthe girl who faded away
the enfieldsi'm for things you do
the vanguardsi know a girl
sea of glass
haruka nakamurasin
william basinskiall these too, i, i lovelamentations*
the caretakerfleeting dreams
boards of canadamacquarie ridge
ana roxannea study in vastnessbecause of a flower*

【this rest is only temporary

soon it will fade like all things

and you will return to that place

in another form

as one】

- The Invisible Man