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Clam Radio playlist for 09/10/2020

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Van Dyke Parks w. Brian WilsonMovies is MagicOrange Crate ArtWarner Bros
Michael StuhlbargThe Uncertainly PrincipalA Serious Man
Alan ArkinI do not know what I do not knowSimon
John TabaccoAnybodys GuessPatience, my boyf/x Records
Javier Bardem and Gene JonesCoin TossNo Country For Old Men
Alan Arkin & Peter FalkFlies With Beaks?The In Laws
TabaccoThick Black Arabian FliesLate Octobraf/x Records
Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss.The Indianapolis StoryJaws
Peter Sellers and Sterling HaydenFlouridationDr. Strange Love
Eric Idle and Neil InnesCommunist CookingRutland Weekend Song BookPassport Records
Alice CooperElectedBilion Dollar Babies
Jessica CampbellTammy Metzler for PresidentElection
JT TalkJT TalkJT Talk
Robert DiNiro / Sandra BernhardMarsha & Rupert Yell At Each OtherKing Of Comedy
Madeline KhanI'm TiredBlazing Saddles
Martin MullDogsSex And ViolinsABC Records
Parker Posey and Michael HitchcockWhere's Her Busy Bee?Best In Show
Larry DavidBoris' TiradeWhatever Works
Scott Wilson / Stacy KeachPT Barnum StoryThe Ninth Configuration
John LennonGodPlastic Ono BandApple Records
JT TalkJT TalkJT Talk
Amy GoodmanWash Your HandsCovid-19 Promo
David OssmanWUSB I.D.I.D.
Peter Sellers / Melvyn DouglasIn A GardenBeing There
Christian BaleAmerican Psycho (Opening Dialog)American Psycho
Johnathan PryceThis Is A Black Eye For The DepartmentBrazil
Michael Kamen & The N.P. Orchestra Of LondonCentral Services / BrazilBrazil (Original Motion PIcture Soundtrack)
Christopher GuestLick My Love PumpSpinal Tap
Woody Allen and Diane KeatonPhilosophy BabbleLove And Death
Tom Cruise and Jack NicolsonYou Can't Handle The TruthA Few Good Men
Tom Hanks / TabaccoWilson! / Charlotte After The ChemoCast Away
Alan ArbusBingo Gas Station JonesGreaser's Palace
Frank ZappaCheepnisRoxy & ElsewhereBarking Pumpkin
Alan ArkinI'm A ToasterSimon
Keir DulleaOpen The Pod Bay Door Hall2001 A Space Odessey
Woody Allen and Diane KeatonCloning SequenceSleeper
Fuzzy Gray LogicSometimes I Wish I Had A CloneFuzzy Gray Logicf/x Records
Zero Mostel & Gene WilderThe PlotThe Producers
Stanley Gottlieb and Arnold JohnsonThe Get Out Of Here MousetrapPutney Swope
Monty PythonKing Arthur And The Old WomanMonty Python and The Holy GrailArista
Steely DanKingsCan't Buy A ThrillABC
Samuel Jackson and Peter DiZozzaEzekiel 25 17Pulp Fiction
Christopher WalkenCaptain Koons StoryPulp Fiction
Malcolm McDowellMr. Deltoid Drops ByA Clock Work Orange
JT TalkJT TalkJT Talk
HALDave, My Mind Is Going2001 A Space Odyessy

Quirky songs and various movie dialog from some of my favorite movies.
Note: Zappa's Roxy & Elsewhere released on this date in 1974!