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Ready Set Move (Team WUSB Track)

WUSB is offering special incentives for its listeners! 
  • Every listener who donates $10 or more to WUSB Radio will receive a pair of WUSB Stony Brook earbuds (carry case included) to take along on your walk! Donations can be placed directly at stonybrook.edu/wusbgiving
  • If you listen to WUSB while walking, and hear our DJs mention "Healthier U" on air, you can call in to our listener feedback line at 631-632-6901 for the chance to win special WUSB listener prizes!

WUSB Radio looks forward to movin' and groovin' with you! Register here to be part of our WUSB team and share your success each week www.tinyurl.com/readysetmoveWUSB