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Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 04/03/2010

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
The Rocktigers길고양이 (Gil Koyangee) [Street Cat]Rock 'n' Roll Licence*
The RocktigersKimchibillyRock 'n' Roll Licence*
The RocktigersRockabilly HeavenRock 'n' Roll Licence*
The Rocktigers새벽 두 시 (Saebyuk Do Shi) [2AM]Rock 'n' Roll Licence*
Muddy Buddy's Nice Body아즈라엘 (Azrael)우리가 사라진 이유 (Oorigah Sarajin Eeyoo) [The Reason for Our Disappearance]*
전국 비둘기 연합 (Chungook Beedoolgee Yunhab) [National Pigeon Unity]모진 핀잔 (Mojin Pinjan) [Severe Scolding]Empathy*
GoldrushHold OnGoldrush*
Epik High ft. Bumkey바보 (Babo) [Fool]Epilogue*
Epik HighWordkillEpilogue*
Epik High잡음 (Jabeum) [Caugh]Epilogue*
Epik HighOverEpilogue*
Supreme TeamRespect My MoneySupremier*
Supreme Team ft. 김신영 (Kim Shin Young)피곤해 (Pigonhae) [Tired]Supremier*
May SecondSweat Pea (추억) (Choo'uk) [Memories]May Second

Tonight's show is all new!!!!

Great new tracks from the Rocktigers, Epik High, Supreme Team & more!!!

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