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Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 03/20/2010

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Piano Poem봄날의 곰을 좋아하세요? (Bomnareh Gohmeul Cho'ahasehyoh) [Do You Like The Spring Bear?]Music Loves Me*
Modern TableSun FlowerModern Table*
Modern TabelLast PanningModern Table*
One Punch망원경 (Mangwunkyung) [Telescopes]아직 나는 꿈을 꿔 (Ahjik Naneun Ggoomeul Ggwuh) [I Still Dream]*
디스코트럭 (Discotruck)토요일은 밤이 좋아 (Toyohireun Bami Cho'ah) [I Love Saturday Nights]디스코트럭 (Discotruck)
디스코트럭 (Discotruck)영원한 친구 (Yungwunhan Chingoo) [Eternal Friend]디스코트럭 (Discotruck)
디스코트럭 (Discotruck)생일 송 (Saengil Song) [Birthday Song]디스코트럭 (Discotruck)
황보령 (Hwang Bo Ryung)돌고래 노래 (Dolgorae Norae) [Dolphin Song]Shines In The Dark*
황보령 (Hwang Bo Ryung)집으로 가는 길 (Jibeuroh Ganeun Gil) [The Road Home]Shines In The Dark*
황보령 (Hwang Bo Ryung)안녕 (Annyoung) [Hello N Bye]Shines In The Dark*
미선이 (Misuni)ShalomDrifting Again
7월의 아침 (7wureh Achim) [July Morning]표류 (Pyoryu) [Drifting]7월의 아침 (7wureh Achim) [July Morning]

Lots of slightly less than random Korean music tonight, including some interesting remakes of classic 80's tunes!

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