The "In" Crowd playlist for 11/07/2019

Frank Zappa And The MothersFifty-Fifty
Yoko OnoYang Yang
Tone-LocCheeba Cheeba
CameoFunk Funk
AbbaHoney Honey
Dionne WarwickPromises Promises
The SeedsExcuse Excuse
The Beau BrummelsLaugh Laugh
SteppenwolfSookie Sookie
The CastawaysLiar Liar
The Music MachineTalk Talk
The Thompson TwinsDoctor Doctor
Miriam MakebaPata Pata
Buena Vista Social ClubChan Chan
David BowieRebel Rebel
CanHoolah Hoolah
Elvis CostelloRadio Radio
RockpileTeacher Teacher
The UndertonesJimmy Jimmy
Z Z TopNeighbor Neighbor
John Lee HookerBoom Boom
Jimmy ReedHush Hush
Eddie LangTroubles Troubles
Smiley LewisNo No
Lee DorseyYa Ya
Little RichardJenny Jenny
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandMary Mary
BlackfootTrain Train
BattlemeShake Shake
RevillosYeah Yeah
Richie HavensMorning Morning
Tony Bennett & Lady GagaGoody Goody
Cyndi LauperIKO IKO
Billy IdolMony Mony
The Music MachineCherry Cherry
Alive N' Kickin'Tighter Tighter
Iggy PopBang Bang
The Collins KidsHoy Hoy
CanDizzy Dizzy
Crazy HorseDirty Dirty
The WhoCache Cache
The KinksLouie Louie
Sopwith CamelHello Hello
The Flying Burrito BrothersCody Cody
Status QuoDown Down
Bob DylanWiggle Wiggle
CakeManha Manha
The ArchiesSugar Sugar
SantanaMaria Maria
George HarrisonWah-Wah

Big thank you to Lenny from Selden for his generous pledge which has been doubled.

We have a special Radiothon edition of "The In Crowd" this week. Let's call it "TWICE AS NICE". Four lucky listeners that call and pledge $50 to WUSB will have their donation DOUBLED! Yes. And not only that. This week's program will also be twice as nice with all Double Word song titles such as Louie Louie, Pata Pata, Talk Talk, Jimmy Jimmy, etc.etc.

We'll be coming at you live from the WUSB studios tomorrow morning from 3-6 A.M. You can join the fun at 90.1FM, WUSB.FM or with the TuneIn app on your device.

Call in and make a pledge or request 631-632-6901.