On Air

Spit and Shout playlist for 02/23/2010

haste the daythe closest thing to closure
everytime i dielogic of crocodiles
emerycuthroat collapse
norma jeanvipers, snakes, and actors
don the readerreader
eighteen visionsvanity
dead and divineget down with your bad self
botchc thomas howell as the soul man
destroy the runnersaints
bullet for my valentinehand of blood
as cities burnone twntyseven
atreyua song for the optimists
darkest hourwith a thousand words to say but one
caliico systemthe rising tide
action actiondrug like
oh sleepervices like vipers
he is legendi am hollywood
inhale exhalea call to the faithful
beautiful mistakeanonymous vs. california

progressive, post, and rock n roll hardcore