On Air

Captain Phil's Planet interviews IZZ, Ethan Maxwell and Michael Schilling!

John Galgano and/or Laura Meade of the band IZZ (http://www.izzmusic.com) will be calling in in the 3pm hour to discuss the new album Mostly Harmless and to find out if a Vogon Constructor Fleet is heading for Earth. We'll also talk about the upcoming gigs at the Terra Incognita festival and the New Jersey Proghouse show.

It will also be the world premiere of IZZ's new song, Don't Panic, which will be played around 3pm

Then at 4:00 PM, Ethan Meixsell and/or Joe Narduli are calling in to talk about Ethan's CD Release show at the Rail in Smithtown May 9th, 2019.

And lastly, at 4:30pm we'll be having the Shore Leave 41 preview with Mike Schilling (https://www.shore-leave.com) going over the guest list and what's else is new on the Final Frontier!

All this and great new Progressive Rock music on Captain Phil's Planet!

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/570553210100999/

Airs Thursday, May 9, 3-5 PM.