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Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 02/14/2010

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Melo Breeze안녕 내사랑 (Annyoung Nae Sarang) [Goodbye My Love]그대 웃어요 (Smile, You) OST*
MIJILove LetterThe Challenge*
MIJI그리움이 깊어서 (Keuri'oomi Kipuhsuh) [Deep Longing]The Challenge*
Bipolar망치 (Mangchi) [Hammer]W.A.Y*
BipolarW.A.Y (What About You?)W.A.Y*
Bipolar짜장면 (Jjajangmyun) [Black Bean Noodles]W.A.Y*
Tea Party뜯어먹어 날 (Ddeuduh Muguh Nal) [Rip & Eat Me]Teapartism*
Muddy Buddy's Nice BodyNot Everyday우리가 사라진 이유 (Oorigah Sarajin Eeyoo) [That's why we...]*
Muddy Buddy's Nice Body소멸청춘 (Somyul Chungchoon) [Destroyed Youth]우리가 사라진 이유 (Oorigah Sarajin Eeyoo) [That's why we...]*
생각의 여름 (Saengageh Yureum) [Thinking of Summer]덧 (Dut)생각의 여름 (Saengageh Yureum) [Thinking of Summer]*
생각의 여름 (Saengageh Yureum) [Thinking of Summer]골목바람 (Golmokbaram) [Alley Wind]생각의 여름 (Saengageh Yureum) [Thinking of Summer]*
생각의 여름 (Saengageh Yureum) [Thinking of Summer]허구 (Huhgoo) [Fiction]생각의 여름 (Saengageh Yureum) [Thinking of Summer]*
생각의 여름 (Saengageh Yureum) [Thinking of Summer]활엽수 (Hwalyubsoo) [Hardwood]생각의 여름 (Saengageh Yureum) [Thinking of Summer]*
B.Monster ft. DawitTop of the worldBe Coming Monster*
Rimi홍은동 (Hongeundong)Awesome B***H!!!*
Rimi잼 (Jaem)Awesome B***H!!!*
RimiClassicAwesome B***H!!!*
RimiDivaAwesome B***H!!!*
Rimi춤추게 할게요 (Choomchoogeh Halgeyoh) [Let's Dance]Awesome B***H!!!*
Rimi말할 수 있는 비리 (Malhal Soo Itneun Biri) [Corruption I Can Talk About]Awesome Girl*
김진표 (Kim Jin Pyo) ft. 이적 (Lee Juk)분노.왜! (Boonno.Wae) [Anger.Why!]JP 3
신태권 (Shin Tae Kwon) ft. OutsiderHappy EndingHappy Ending*
Dr, Core 911Walking To The SunThe Escape*
Dr. Core 911The EscapeThe Escape*
The Ash나 이제는 (Na Eejehneun) [I Now...]The 3 Phases of Love Lost*
MateGOwith Mate*
MateBetterwith Mate*
이정남밴드 (Lee Jung Nam Band)ManLove of My Life*
이정남밴드 (Lee Jung Nam Band)비 개인 오후 (Bi Gaein Oh'hoo) [Non-personal Evening]Love of My Life*
생각의 여름 (Saengageh Yureum) [Thinking of Summer]동병상련 (Dongbyungsangryun) [Print]생각의 여름 (Saengageh Yureum) [Thinking of Summer]*

Tonight's show features the latest hip hop, instrumental, alternative, and rock!

Tune in at 8 for a special 2 hour show, filling in for China Blue who will be back next week.