The "In" Crowd playlist for 02/28/2019

Mordant MusicPissing In Sinks
Wesley WillisChronic Schizophrenia
DavidLa Mer
JohnnyJe suis content
Wesley WillisThe Rolling Stones
Paul "Super Apple"Please Call, Keith
Othin SpakeThe Nethack Dictionary
Wild Classical Music EnsembleHappy Flute
Wesley WillisThey Threw Me Out Of Church
Daniel JohnstonGod
Laurent AdamReebok Mix
The ShaggsMy Pal Foot Foot
Bob VidoHigh Speed
Gary Wilson6.4 = Make Out
Daniel JohnstonPot Head
Sylvia BoshersWake Up America
Wesley WillisJesus Is The Answer
Monks Of DoomWho Are The Brain Police?
Os MutantesBaghdad Blues
Monks Of DoomThe Insect God
Eugene ChadbourneThe Bully Song
Eugene ChadbourneFables Of Faubus (Charles Mingus)
Eugene ChadbourneKKKremlin
Luie LuieTortilla Touchy
Donnie And Joe EmersonBaby
Wild Man FischerFunky Mistakes
Syd BarrettOctopus
Wesley WillisPink Floyd
Captain BeefheartHey Garland I Dig Your Tweed Coat
Daniel JohnstonWalking The Cow
The FrogsHot Cock Annie
Eilert PilarmJailhouse Rock
The Space LadyI Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
Gary StrivantSomething
Ebony Band AmsterdamI Only Have Eyes For You
Joe MeekTelstar
Wild Man FischerMerry Go Round
Alexander "Skip" SpenceLawrence Of Euphoria
Freddie MartellThe President's Prayer
Shooby TaylorI Gets Better All The Time
Buddy MaxVote For Buddy Max
Luie LuieEl Touchy
David Liebe HartNo Sex Since '94
The FrogsI've Got Drugs (Out Of The Mist)
Doris LujanYou Are My Junkie
Tiny TimEver Since You Told Me You Loved Me (I'm A Nut)
GalaxiaThe Revolution Starts Now