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Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 01/08/2010

Happy Birthday Elvis!! He turned 75 today! :)

SOUNDS OF LIBERATION - Spiritual Guide/Referent To The Past/Drinking Youth
ON FILLMORE - master moon
JIM DUFFY - If You Insist/After The Storm/Early Germ / Free Formation
ELISA LUU - Chromatic Sigh/Pixie Space Rock
FRED BIGOT - Chant/Symmetriad/Binary/Ternary
TRAYER - Ladyfingers/Builds-a-Kite/A/WEHAV EENTE REDAH OLYPA TTERN/Wanderlust, Fast Shoe/Health and Magic Waxing
ROBERTO CARLOS LANGE - Amazonian Pacific/Abajo/So Men Te
NERBEATER - need some drums
MATIAS AGUAYO - rollerskate
LOWELL BRAMS - Alpha To Theta