Sunday Street playlist for 09/10/2017

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Opening Set
DaisycutterFriendsWaiting For The Stars*
DaisycutterPleasant Valley SundayDaisycutter
The End of AmericaNew DrugsThe End of America*
Set # 2
Christine LavinGrandpa & The Empire State BuildingSpaghettification*
Ellis PaulEmpire StateChasing Beauty
Set # 3
David RawlingsMoney is the Meat in the CoconutPoor David's Almanack*
Harry NilssonCoconutNilsson Schmilsson
Set # 4
Jez Lowe & Steve TilstonCrosses, Crescents and StarsThe Janus Game*
Joe CrookstonThe Crow and The BluebirdJoe Crookston*
Set # 5
Tom RussellHarlan ClancyFolk Hotel*
Max GomezJoeMe & Joe*
Rod PicottI Coulda Been KingStray Dogs
Set # 6
Susan WernerCuba IsAn American in Havana*
Susan Werner1955 Chevy Bel AirAn American in Havana*
Set # 7
Chris HillmanWildflowersBidin' My Time*
The WeepiesLearning To FlySirens
Tom PettyInto The Great Wide OpenInto The Great Wide Open
Set # 8: In studio visit with The End of America
The End of AmericaSinking SunThe End of America*
The End of AmericaAlready Gonelive*
The End of AmericaEmpty SeaThe End of America*
Set # 9
Gregg AllmanSong For AdamSouthern Blood*
Jimmy LaFaveFor EverymanLooking Into You
Bob DylanTempestTempest

Today's program featured an in-studio visit from The End of America