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Country Pocket playlist for 08/21/2017

Banjo Nickaru & Western ScoochesYou Are My Sunshine
Alan JacksonBlue Moon of Kentucky
Wade BowenSun Shines on a Dreamer
Brandi CarlileShadow on the Wall
Balsam RangeMoon Over Memphis
The Steel WheelsBreaking Like the Sun
DawesMoon in the Water
Della MaeLong Shadow
Dan LayusThe Nightbird
The Buffalo RuckusMoonlight Rebels
Shelby LynneSold The Devil (Sunshine)
Dale Ann BradleyTalking to the Moon
Garth BrooksAin't Going Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)
The Brothers ComatoseBlack Light Moon
Tim O'BrienHouse of the Risin' Sun
Indigo GirlsShare the Moon
Parker MillsapJealous Sun
Cory BrananChameleon Moon*
Kristin AndreassenSunny Above the Clouds
Bryan SuttonChase the Moon
Noam PikelnySweet Sunny South*
Darrel ScottMoonlight Midnight
Sam OutlawDry in the Sun*
Hoots & HellmouthWest of Where the Sun Goes Down
Pluck & RailMoonshiner
Buddy Miller feat. Kris KristoffersonSunday Morning Coming Down
Jason Tyler BurtonMoonlight's Daughter*
Molly TuttleSuper Moon*
Bonnie TylerTotal Eclipse of the Heart

There's nothing I can do, it's a total eclipse of a playlist. Lots of sun, moon, and shadow songs.