Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 11/14/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
joy divisioninterzonewarsaw demos
wayne and lizthe curse of the lordnone
the squirrelsbrain damagethe not-so bright side of the moon
flaming lipsconvinced of the hexEmbryonic*
your dj begs
lightning boltnation of boarearthly delights*
the plugzla bambadiy: we're desperate
the monkshushie pushieThe Early Years 1964 - 1965*
jonny chan and the new dynasty 6see my wayi hate you baby*
the rippersmy promisewhy should i care about you?*
turbo fruitsmama's mad cause i fried my brainsecho kid*
your dj begs
michael yonkers with the blind shakewhat's a comin'carbohydrates hydrocarbons
boredomsant 10super roots 10*
your dj begs
guided by voicestractor rape chainbee thousand
Boston Spaceshipspsycho is a bad boyzero to 99*
black holliesnumber ten girlsoftly towards the light*
reigning soundpolly anelove and curses*
your dj begs*
captain beefheart and his magic banddiddy wah diddynuggets
tom waitssingaporeglitter and doom live*
moody wallen bandjimithe space shuttle and its double*
aluk todolotroisieme contactfinstemis*
your dj begs
fuck buttonsthe lisbon marutarot sport*
arrington de dionysocahaya bahayamalaikat dan singa*
nurse with wound(untitled) (St. John remix)alice the goon
moody wallen bandthree times divinela hacienda*
dialing inearl greythe islamic bomb*
your dj begs
circulatory systemrocks and stonessignal morning*
neutral milk hotelcircle of friendsbeauty
mission of burma123 partythe sound the speed the light*
monotonixflesh and bloodwhere were you when it happened?*
pissed jeanshuman upskirtking of jeans*
your dj begs

Todays show has a sore throat.