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Clam Radio playlist for 10/31/2016

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)LabelLink
ZappaNever On SundayLost Episodes
ZappaNed and NeldaDr. Demento
ZappaOriginal Duke Of PrunesMystery Disc
ZappaMetal Man Has Hornets WingsLost Episodes
ZappaI Was A Teenage Malt ShopFZ /CB Radio Hour
ZappaSteal AwayMystery Disc
Mothers Of InventionYou're Probably Wondering Why I''m HereFreak Out
Burt Ward / Arr. by FZBoy Wonder I Love YouUnreleased
Mothers Of InventionAmerica DrinksAbsolutely Free
ZappaLumpy Gravy (excerpts)Lumpy Gravy
Mothers Of InventionConcentration MoonWe're Only In It For The Money
Mothers of InventionLater That NightRuben and The Jets
Mothers Of InventionUncle Meat VariationsUncle Meat
Mothers Of InventionLittle House I Used To Live In (excerpt)Burnt Weeny Sandwich
Mothers Of InventionMy Guitar Wants To Kill Your MamaWeasles Ripped My Flesh
ZappaIt Must Be A camelHot RatsHour 2 Starts
Jean Luc Ponty /ZappaMusic For Electric Violin and Low Budget Orch.King Kong
ZappaRudy Wants To Buy Yez A DrinkChunga's Revenge
ZappaSemi Fraudulent Direct From Holly Wood Intro200 Motels
ZappaDew On The Newts We Got200 Motels
ZappaWhat's The Name Of Your Group200 Motels (Outtake)
Mothers / Lennon / OnoWellPlayground Psychotics
MothersStudabaker HochJust Another Band From LA
ZappaOne Shot DealWake Jawaka
ZappaCletus Awreetus AwrightusGrand Wazoo
ZappaPenis DimensionPetite Wazoo
ZappaApostropheApostropheHour 3 Start
ZappaThe Torture Never StopsHammersmith Odeon
ZappaGoblin GirlYou Are What You Is
ZappaThe Lad Searches The Night For His Newts200 Motels
ZappaHeavy Duty Judy/Ring Of FireThe Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
ZappaMr. Green GenesUncle Meat
ZappaSon Of Mr. Green GenesHot Rats
Zappaopening solo/Black NapkinsGuitar & Snippets Some More
ZappaBlack NapkinsMike Douglas Show
ZappaBlack NapkinsPhilly '76
ZappaCosmic DebrisThe Dub Room Specialrequest
ZappaThe Closer You AreThem Or Usrequest
Zappa / DweezilSharleenaYCDTOSA 3request
ZappaEnvelopesShip Arriving To Late To Save A Drowning Witchrequest
ZappaCruising For BurgersZappa In New Yorkrequest
Zappa / L ShankarThirteenYCDTOSA 6request
ZappaFine GirlTinseltown Rebellionrequest
ZappaLemme Take You To The BeachLatherrequest
Zappa / MothersZombie WoofOvernight Sensation
ZappaExcentrifugal ForzApostrophe
ZappaDog MeatDub Room Special
ZappaBirthday BundlePeaches En Regalia
ZappaMammy NunsThing Fishrequestwusb.fm
Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionOne Size Fits AllAndy
zappaCrush All BoxesDoreen
ZappaTinseltown RebellionLove Of My Life
ZappaTeenage ProstituteShip Arriving To Late To Save A Drowning Witch
Mothers Of InventionLonely Little GirlWe're only in it for the money
ZappaI Want A NunThing Fish
ZappaA Nun Suit Painted On Some Old Boxes200 Motels
ZappaMusic Is A MiracleInterview
ZappaNaval Aviation in ArtOrchestral Favorites
MothersConcentration MoonPlayground Psychotics
ZappaBeat It With Your FistShut And Play Yer Guitar
Mothers Of InventionGo Cry On Someone Elses ShoulderFreak Out
ZappaBig Leg EmmaZappa In New Yorkrequest
Mothers Of InventionOh NoWeasel's Ripped My Flesh
ZappaHoney Doncha Wanna Man Like MeHybrid Mix
ZappaCarolina Hardcore EcstasyBongo Fury
ZappaSteve's SpankingThem Or Us
ZappaMs. PinkyZoot Allures
Mothers Of InventionKing Kong VariationsUncle Meatrequest
Frank ZappaMerely A Blues In AFrank Zappa Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa
ZappaYellow Snow Suite10-31-74 NYC
Layla ZoeLucille Has Messed My Mind Upyoutube
Jerry LawsonLove Of My LifeThe AAAFRNAAA Bundle
Candy ZappaAnyway The Wind BlowsTabacco Rare FZ Stuff
Ruben & The JetsIf I Could Only Be Your Love AgainFor Real
ZappaDidja Get Any OnyaWeasels Ripped My Flesh
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band & The Mothers Of InventionThe BlimpTrout Maks ReplicA
Frank Zappa & Captain BeefheartDebra KedabraBongo Fury
Frank Zappa & Captain BeefheartThe Torture Never StopsYCDTOSA 4
The Mothers Of InventionTrouble Every Day>Help, I'm A Rock>It Can't Happen HereFreak Out
ZappaTeenage WindYou Are What You Is
Mothers Of InventionSon Of Suzy CreamcheeseAbsolutely Free
ZappaT'Mershi DuweenYCDTOSA 2
MothersStudabaker HochJust Another Band From LA
ZappaStick It OutJoe's Garage
ZappaLets Make The Water Turn BlackMake A Jazz Noise Here
ZappaHarry You're A BeastMake A Jazz Noise Here
ZappaOh NoMake A Jazz Noise Here
ZappaTell Me You Love MeTinseltown Rebellion
ZappaDirty LoveYCDTOSA 6
ZappaMagic FingersYCDTOSA 6
ZappaAin't Got No HeartTinseltown Rebellion
ZappaVillage Of The SunYCDTOSA 2
ZappaMoggioThe Man From Utopia
ZappaTinseltown RebellionDoes Humor Belong In Music
ZappaLittle Beige SambaFrank Zappa And The Mothers Of Prevention
ZappaSt. Alphonso's Pancake BreakfastApostrophe (*)
ZappaFather OblivionApostrophe (*)
ZappaKeep It GreasyBuffalo 1980
ZappaI'm So CuteBuffalo 1980
ZappaThe Black Page Drum Solo/ 1 & 2Zappa In NY
Mothers Of InventionSleeping In A JarUncle Meat
ZappaAlien OrificeMeets The Mothers Of Prevention
Frank ZappaWaka/JawakaWaka/Jawaka
ZappaEchidna's Arf>Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?>Cheepnis percussion>Roxy: The Movie CD
ZappaCheepnisYCDTOSA 2
ZappaThe Radio IS BROKENThe Man From Utopia
ZappaCheap ThrillsCruisin' With Ruben & The Jets
ZappaFlorentine PogenBest and You Never Hea
ZappaAndyBest Band You Never Heard
ZappaInca RoadsBest Band You Never Heard
ZappaIf I were PresidentFrank Zappa For President
ZappaWhen The Lie Is So BigFrank Zappa For President
ZappaSpider Of DestinySleep Dirt
MothersEddie Are You Kidding Me?Just Another Band From LA
ZappaBlack Page / Jones CrusherBaby Snakes
ZappaWhatever Happened To All The Fun In The WorldSheik Yerbouti
ZappaFlakesSheik Yerbouti
ZappaDong Work For YudaJoes Garage
ZappaEasy MeatCrush All Boxes
Mothers Of InventionWhy Don't You Do Me RightAbsolutely Free
Mothers Of InventionIgors Boogie
Mothers Of InventionAnythingGreasy Love Songs
ZappaPenguin In Bondage BoyHybrid Mix
ZappaAdvance Romance>City Of Tiny LitesYCDTOSA 5
ZappaNasal Retentive Calliope Music>Let's Make The Water Turn BlackWe're Only In It For The Mony
ZappaThe Gumbo VariationsHot Rats
ZappaRoad LadiesChunga's Revenge
ZappaOverture To Holiday In Berlin>Theme From Burnt Weeny Sandwic>Igor's Boogie 2Burnt Weeny Sandwich
ZappaChunga's RevengeTrance Fusion
ZappaNight SchoolJazz From Hell
Conrad & The HurricanesHurricane
ZappaLuigi & The Wise GuysThe Man From Utopia
ZappaDirectly From My Heart To YouWeasels Ripped My Flesh
ZappaHungry Freaks DaddyFreak Out!
ZappaI'm The SlimeOvernight Sensation
ZappaBoleroBest Band You Never Heard In You're Life
ZappaWatermelon In Easter HayJoes'Garage

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