Spiney Norman playlist for 09/01/2009

Hey, this is Steve from 3-5 with phayz one. I filled in for this slot and had the band Whitefish(Joseph McNulty and Thomas French) on. I played some of Thomas French's solo work at the beginning, which are great beats, and Joe McNulty played a Bob Dylan cover and one of his originals before Whitefish went on, and I played one of his folk recordings for the last song after Whitefish started playing. If you liked what you heard you can find their music here. http://www.myspace.com/whitefishwhitefish, the whitefish 2 times is not a typo. You can easily get to their solo work as well, they're the first 2 friends on their friends list on the Whitefish Myspace. I will be starting in my new slot next Tues.(9/8) alternating every other week from 2:30-5PM. My show will now be called Freequence.